Taylor Made Massages

                  3108 North Parham Road
                          Suite 600-B
                     Richmond, VA 23294
                         (804) 909-2911
                             By  Appointment Only



Taylor Made Massages offers professional massage treatments, by licensed and experienced therapists.

Whether you are in pain or want to relax, please contact us and make an appointment.

Taylor Made Massages offers treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Now offering fasciablasting. Specialized tools to help break up adhesions in the fascia.

Contact us to find out how we can relieve pain, relax you and help you become more aware of your body.

 "New Client" special first appointment $60 for a one hour massage.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 11am to 7pm

Saturday & Sunday Call, Text or Email for Availability



Paxton Office Square                                                                    

3108 North Parham Rd  Suite 600-B                                             

Richmond, Va 23294                                                                                            

(804) 909-2911